To use the Zlements range with any analysis method you can use our calculator for easily determining the dosing quantities you need

Pink and Purple Shapes Delicate Happines
Pink and Purple Shapes Delicate Happines


Please note that Reef Zlements is unable to guarantee the precision and accuracy of any of the tests you used to specify your aquarium current levels of the selected element. The amount to dose provided by the Zlements Calculator for each of  the elements is accurate based on the volume of the aquarium you enter, the selected element and the values entered for your current and desired levels. 

Reef Zlements takes no responsibility and cannot be accountable for any inaccurate current levels you enter or any desired levels you or anyone else specifies.

Reef Zlements also takes no responsibility for any problems or losses (being livestock or anything else) that may be attributable to dosing as a result of using this calculator above.